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I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog latley….

Keep your eyes peeled for some juicy bermuda-ful posts to come

But for now I have much to share on another recent journey I’ve embarked on. It’s felt like an awkward road trip where I’ve forgotten my destination and the gas needle is playing tricks on me. However, unknown or unsettling it maybe I’ve decided to forge on and explore my discomfort and push through it.

I’ve recently been asked to be a ghost writer for various work out articles for the Huffington Post. Writing and being published by such an establishment is quite the honour. However being published under a different name in collaboration with someonelese has taken my ego for a joy ride. As my eyes scanned the printed letters I can’t help but feel a little sick. I think its the idea that so many of us become so attached to the art forms that we create, or more so the craft that we deliever. The times that we believe that we are such an essential part to our talents are prevalent but we could have never been more false. I often find myself more like a conduit of something greater and I just so happen to be that open minded heart with the tool box to express what’s coming through. This thought helped me separate my ego in print and assured me that I should focus on the idea that it’s not so much about me and more about the gift that I am able to bring, and I need to work more from a place of gratitude that I’ve clearly attracted a platform for my gift to be expressed.

Either way here it is:

5 Tips to keep you Working out all summer long

As with so many others in the Pacific Northwest, we Vancouverites struggle to stay committed to our weekly workout regimens when the sun is out. While this only happens for two to three months out of the year, the distractions come up fast and furious during this time, and can range from simply relaxing on the patio with friends to blowout picnics to volleyball at the beach. So when it comes to staying in shape this summer, here are some critical tips to keep in mind.

First and foremost, always make sure you have a fitness friend. Not only will this create some accountability, but you’ll also feel like you’re also getting a healthy dose of some social time. The only thing better than one fitness friend is a bunch of fitness friends, so I would also recommend group fitness classes to scratch that social itch and build that during-workout accountability.

Second, it’s very easy to get in the habit of doing the same types of exercise over and over, such going for a run or taking hike or a bike ride, especially when the sun is out and the weather is nice. These are great ways to release endorphins, but they are also all high-impact exercises that put pressure on our joints. Mixing in low-impact workouts will give your joints the rest while keeping the muscles engaged. These low-impact workouts will also improve your performance when doing your other exercises. So find a beautiful spot in the sun to practice you yoga or barre exercises — and remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!

Third, take advantage of longer days and earlier starts. Begin your workouts earlier in the morning, or try doing them a little later at night. With the sun out for a longer period of time, your mind will be more receptive to working out both earlier and later than you may be used to. Whichever time you choose, creating consistency in your schedule will help you stick to your routine and ultimately achieve your fitness goals.

Fourth, always make sure to stretch before and after your workouts. Often we forget to stretch in the summer because we feel as though our muscles are already “warm enough,” due to the heat. Make sure you don’t fall prey to this type of thinking, and remember that stretching not only prevents injuries but also helps us to create the long lean muscles that we love oh-so-much. Stretching also helps to metabolize blood sugar, which reduces fat storage, and improves coordination by reducing unintentional jerky movements and allowing us to move with efficiency and grace.

Finally, set your summer goals. Are you looking to run a fall marathon, take a backpacking trip or simply feel good baring more skin? When you have a set goal that you are working toward, your workouts become more meaningful.

Hopefully these five tips will help you build and stick to your exercise routine, even during these distraction-filled summer months!

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